Stress Management and Trauma Informed Therapy Services

Specializing in Trauma Informed Therapy for PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, and Stress Management for the distress of modern living

Stress Management and Trauma Informed Therapy

The Stress -Trauma Continuum

When it comes to stress, even the most stalwartly of individuals can feel overwhelmed at times. Similarly, trauma can impact our quality of life in profound ways that leave long-lasting effects on our physical health, emotional wellbeing, and our relationships. Although they differ in terms of the degree of impact, both stress and trauma can disrupt our sense of connection and meaning. Therapy can help by introducing tools to aid with stress management as well as address the deeper wounds associated with trauma through in depth treatment.  

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Clinical Psychologist

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Experience Freedom From Distress and the Impact of Trauma Symptoms

Stress and trauma can impede our a sense of balance and equilibrium. To understand how this happens, lets clarify what we mean when we say trauma.  Here we are talking about an experience, or a set of experiences, that are extremely difficult to bear and to manage. Trauma is something that overwhelms us, leaves us feeling out of control, and often very lost and alone. Similarly, stress can impede our ability to enjoy life and make healthy, balanced choices. 

Trauma informed therapy, whether for PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, or Distress, seeks to restore balance by addressing the whole person in the healing process. In therapy the body, the emotional self, the mind, and spirit are all incorporated. This approach to therapy is a healing journey designed to:

  • Increase coping skills to adjust effectively to life’s stressors
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Enhance relationships and sense of connection to others
  • Find ways to regain a sense of meaning and hope

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Stress Management and Trauma Therapy